Check out our second music video!

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Our new full-length album, Hurt for Me, is now available! Grab it on our merch page or come see our merch booth at a show!

Check out some of the rave reviews of our first album, Trouble:

  • From Power Pop News: "...if you like 60's soul...and emotive songs executed damn near to perfection, I suggest you give Trouble a listen. I’m surely glad I did."
  • From The Faster and Louder Blog: "...Shanda & the Howlers are the real deal! The band's debut album Trouble is out on the ever-dependable Rum Bar Records, and it's flat-out terrific from start to finish."
  • From Uber Rock: "The band from Las Vegas specializes in playing a 1960's rhythm and blues style...This is music from another time done exquisitely."
  • From The Soul of a Clown: "The record actually hits an early high with the simply sumptuous “She Don’t Want A Man”, a song which is like a classic Motown or Northern Soul track. Along with “Stay Awhile” and “Li’l Operator” these are the kind of songs you can’t resist shaking your ass to."

You can pick up the album over on our merch page, along with all sorts of other goodies.

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